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State and Federal Courts

J. David Nick is focused on serious criminal offenses. He defends complex criminal matters throughout California and accepts Federal criminal cases nationwide. Mr. Nick has extensive trial litigation experience, a comprehensive knowledge of applicable law, meticulous investigative and legal analytical skills and the courage to challenge state and federal prosecutors.

Drug Crimes - Firearms Offenses - Battery - Murder/Homicide -

Assault - Federal Bribery - Government Corruption -


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Business Litigation Land Use Laws - Serious Injuries


State and Federal

Appeals, in which a defendant who has been convicted seeks to overturn or modify a conviction or sentence, also constitute a substantial portion of the firm's practice. 

J. David Nick has argued numerous cases before the California Court of Appeal, California Supreme Court, the Federal Circuit Courts, and he is a member of the Bar of the United States Supreme Court.



Medical Marijuana

J. David Nick has been providing legal advise regarding California's medical marijuana laws since their inception in 1996. Currently, he is litigating various aspects of California's new recreational marijuana laws (Proposition 64), including business permitting, prior marijuana convictions record clearance and criminal defense pertaining to marijuana related charges.

He represents California marijuana businesses in civil litigation cases involving business disputes, land use issues, and land lord tenant.



Personal Injury 

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